This page contains links to some of the code I have written or contributed to (some of it a long time ago).  This is only a very partial overview, I'll keep adding more over time.

Machine learning

Hosoda ArmRIDLESGP: This is the code released with our 2012 R:SS paper Real-Time Inverse Dynamics Learning with Echo State Gaussian Process Regression, where we learn to control redundant robot arms with artificial muscles online from scratch using only the position of the end effector. Most of it was actually written by Christoph. There is also an e-poster that has some videos and more information.


GIBBS Soccer in-browser monitor logoGIBBS: The 2d soccer simulator comes with its own visualisation, which you need to watch matches (some of them are actually exciting to watch). To make the matches available to anyone, we have created tools to watch matches in a web browser, the most recent one with HTML5 / javascript, called GIBBS (Gliders’ in-browser basic soccer monitor). Download: rcg2html-2.0.tar.gz

SimSparkSimSpark: The 2d simulation is a great way to research AI problems in a multi-robot/multi-agent setting, because it abstracts from some of the lower level problems you get when dealing with real robots. To better bridge the gap between the 2d simulation and the real robot leagues, we created a 3d simulator (in 2003), called SimSpark (also hosted on Sourceforge). SimSpark is in fact a generic multi-robot simulator with its own description language to create robots and scenes. I was one of the initiators of the project, but at the moment unfortunately not involved in the current development, due to a lack of time. There is a very active community around this project though. SimSpark is used for official RoboCup competitions since 2004.

2D Soccer SimSServer: RoboCup is a scientific competition and conference with the goal to advance artificial intelligence and robotics. One of the main events on RoboCup are the robotic soccer competitions in different leagues – real robots of different shapes and sizes, and also in simulations. The original simulation league is a 2 dimensional game, with 11 players which have to be controlled by independent programs with only partial information of the world. I have contributed (only) a little to the RoboCup 2d simulator, the project is hosted on sourceforge. There is also a manual I contributed to.

Misc. / fun stuff

game of lifeJS Game of Life: This is a page with a javascript implementation of a  2d cellular automaton – Conway's game of life with an energy limit.