Gliders are small, flying (gliding) marsupials.
In Cellular Automata, gliders emerge as coherent structures that travel and transfer information.

Gliders is the name of our team for the RoboCup soccer 2D simulation league.
Core team members are Mikhail Prokopenko, Peter Wang, and Oliver Obst, plus additional members from 2012 to 2014. We have qualified for and participated in RoboCup 2012 (held in Mexico City) and 2013 (in Eindhoven), and also competed in the Dutch Open in 2012 (also Eindhoven).


RoboCup 2013: 5th place (out of 20)
RoboCup 2012: 4th place (out of 18)
Dutch Open 2012: 2nd place

For each year, we have a a separate web page where we describe some aspects of our research, and you can also watch the games online in your web browser.